The Story of Solo, or the Solo Saga, is a fan series created by yours truly.


It follows a young Saiyan named Solo and his journey to collect the Dragon Balls and revive his fallen friends that were killed in an earlier battle. He will face many threats in his journey, including Frieza, Cell, Baby, and a new mysterious foe.


  • Solo: A 16-year-old Saiyan who is the main character.
  • Kierra: Solo's girlfriend who was killed.
  • Dante: Solo's best friend. Also killed.
  • Dende: The guardian of Earth.
  • King Kai: The God of the Northern Galaxy.


  1. Chapter One: The Saga Begins
  2. Chapter Two: Emperor of Space
  3. Chapter Three: Explosion of Anger
  4. Chapter Four: Search for the Dragon Balls

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